(1924-July 1, 2003)

WEST End: Stop sign, IA 4 and D26, Calhoun County

Facing west on 124 (all pictures 3/20/03 unless noted)

Like IA 383, 124 ends at a road as it is curving. Unlike 383, the other road, in this case IA 4, does not continue west on the same alignment. Instead, 4 continues angling northwest and D26 continues straight west. The last 124 sign is the "End", and the first is just east of the connecting road from northbound 4 (the stop sign in the below picture).

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 4

The east-west road that 124 and D26 are on is also the correction line across the state. Roads north and south of the line are off from intersecting each other by half a mile. Traveling north, 4 begins angling northwest just south of the intersection.

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 4

Some go this way, some go that way, others go both ways.

Same view (7/15/14)

Facing east-ish

Taken in the ditch, notice the banked curve and diagonal arrow for 4.

Facing south, transition from 124 to 4 (7/15/14)

Facing south on 4

Unlike every other state intersection I've seen, there are leaving-town-style mileage signs after the intersection instead of being on the standard LGS at the intersection. Anywhere else, Rockwell City would be on the sign with Jolley.

Facing north on 4

The Rockwell City sign is approximately directly across from the left sign, which as you can see is very faded. An up arrow with such a sign is something you don't come across much. Notice the arrows under the 4 and 124 as well.

Facing northwest, but heading north, on 4

At left you can see the "Jct D26" sign seen in an above picture.

Facing north, but heading east, on 4

...sort of. Just like 383, the northbound traffic can go straight ahead, where they see signs directing them onto the route itself. The intersecting road is actually 124 both ways.

EAST End: Twin Lakes State Park, Calhoun County

Facing east on 124

Taking the long way around, 124 curves down and around the south and east edges of the lake. Ahead is D26 again, but N57 is not that far away. This intersection is where 124 was broken up into those two routes.

Facing northeast, but heading east, on 124

At this point, 124 has gone northeast to the point that it is almost directly north of where N57 is south of the D26 intersection.

Facing southwest, but heading west on 124 (first sign)

Sign at far right of above picture

Last seen: 2003

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