NORTH End: Stop sign, IA 175, Webster County

Facing north on 144

Left photo by Jason Hancock

Facing north on 144

Photo by Jason Hancock

At far left is a 175 with double arrow, on the north side of the highway, instead of before the stop sign.

Facing west on 175

Photo by Jason Hancock

It is worth noting that neither Gowrie nor Paton are directly on their respective highways; in fact, each had their own spur.

Facing west on 175

Facing east on 175

Facing east on 175

Old NORTH End: Webster/Greene county line

Between 1980 and 1982, for some reason, the northernmost four miles of 144 in Webster County were turned over to the county while four miles of P29 were put under state control as IA 924. As you can see from this 1981 map, the mileage was not modified on 144, but it WAS changed on 175 - it is 10 miles from P29 to 169. However, this two-year swap still had repercussions on the mileage on 175 and 144 until the 2004 map.

Facing north on 144 (November 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

This is where 144 ended for less than two years.

Facing north on 144 (December 2005)

Three years after Jason's picture, the 144 pole still has the scar from the small county sign but there is now a larger county sign separate from it.

Facing south on 144

Photo by Jason Hancock

An identical sign welcoming you to Greene County is on US 30 near Ralston, and at other highway entrances into the county.

SOUTH End: Stoplight, IA 141 and P58, Perry, Dallas County

Facing south on 144

Facing east on 141

Photo by Neil Bratney

Old photo: Signage has changed slightly (see below)

Highway 141 goes along the south side of Perry in what in 1977 would have been considered a bypass, but more and more businesses have sprung up along it. Before 1977, 144 ended downtown at Willis Avenue (which was 141 at the time). Nathan Bush has sent an e-mail saying that the stoplight at the end of 144 has been there since 1982 and was redone in 1998. (There are two sets of lights for north-south traffic.) Another stoplight was added to the pre-existing three along 141 when Pamida opened the day after Thanksgiving in 1998, a quarter-mile east of this intersection.

Facing east on 141 (August 2004)

Facing west on 141

Facing north on P58

As with many county roads meeting at ends, only the cross route is marked.

Another view of the intersection

Photo by Nathan Bush

Nathan also says there are no mileage signs at the intersection.

Pictures by Jason Hancock: First, third, fourth, eighth, and tenth, 11/10/02

Twelfth picture by Neil Bratney: 3/26/02

Pictures by me: Second and fifth, 5/7/03; sixth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh, 12/12/05; thirteenth-fifteenth, 8/6/04

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