(October 16, 1926-July 1, 2003)

WEST End: T24/4th St. NE, Rockford, Floyd County

Facing west on 147 (with closeup)

The motorcycle is at the end of 147. Across the bridge is downtown Rockford, a case where the highway enters the city limits but does not enter the business district.

Facing west on 147, sign replaced

Facing south on T24

The vehicle is at the end of T24 (it's just a street farther south). If it goes left, it will be at the beginning of 147. If it turns right and leaves town, it will be on B47, but 147 is now B45.

Along the route

Facing north on T26

It is a rare spur that is long enough and positioned in such a way that a county road will run into it in the middle. T26 does just that, and even shares a mile. So I thought this "Jct" sign for a spur with a double arrow deserved a spot here. (A similar sign can be seen on the IA 214 page.)

The LGS in the background (right) is written in a sans serif font, like every county sign in Floyd County. The "Iowa (14)" with the 14 in a circle seems a little redundant.

EAST End: Stop sign, IA 14, Floyd County

Facing east on 147

Facing east on 147

Facing north on 14 (June 2004 / March 2003)

A mile north of this intersection, 14 ceases to go north-south and turns east for the rest of its route into Charles City.

Facing south on 14 (June 2004)

These larger letters are widely used in Floyd and Marshall counties, and relatively rare elsewhere.

Facing south on 14

Inside the shed is an old tractor, something that is part of Floyd County history. A century ago, Charles Hart and Charles Parr opened the first factory for building traction engines with an internal combustion engine - the modern tractor. The Charleses had their Hart-Parr factory in - where else? - Charles City, Iowa. You can't make this stuff up.

Last seen: 2003

All pictures by me: All but third, ninth and eleventh, 3/22/03; third, 7/26/16; ninth and eleventh, 6/26/04

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