(December 1, 1930-July 1, 2003)

Old NORTH End: 2nd St., Keystone, Benton County

Facing north on 200 (5/16/17)

From 1940 to 1980, 200 turned onto Railroad Street and Main Street before ending at Second. The only remnant of that time is the fact that southbound V42 stops where 200 used to turn, when it would make more sense to be the thru street.

In its first decade of existence, 200 stopped on Railroad at Main. The Highway Commission uniformly extended Benton County spurs to run through business districts in 1940.

NORTH End: City limits of Keystone, Benton County

Facing north on 200 (5/20/03)

Earlier maps (pre-1994) may have made you think 200 continued through Keystone to E44 north of town. It did not (see above).

Facing north on 200 (5/16/17)

There's a much more drastic change in speed limit now. Across the road from the red vehicle is a red-flagged sign where the 25-mph speed limit used to start. A bit behind that is the intersection with Railroad, where 200 turned.

Facing south on 200 with first sign in background (5/20/03)

SOUTH End: Stop sign, US 30, Benton County

Facing south on 200 (12/2/01 and 5/20/03)

Left photo by Jason Hancock

Facing south on 200 (5/20/03)

Facing west on 30 (12/2/01)

Photo by Jason Hancock

The LGS says Keystone is three miles away, but 3 miles is actually the intersection with E44 on the north side of town.

Facing west on 30 (5/20/03)

Facing east on 30 (5/20/03)

Last seen: 2003

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