(December 1, 1930-July 1, 2003)

WEST End: I-35 exit 43, Warren County

Facing west on 207 (2002 / 2007)

Left photo by Jason Hancock

The west and east sides of the 207 interchange differ greatly in development. On the west side are an old restaurant and closed gas station, but on the east side are a new Kum & Go and Subway.

Facing south on 35 (December 2001)

It would be more accurate to say "207 East". Of the termini along I-35 south of Des Moines, none had a direction listed.

Facing south on 35 (July 2003)

Photo by Jason Hancock

The shields have been pried off the BGSs but new G76 shields have not been put up.

Facing north on 35

Facing east on 207

Facing east on 207

EAST End: G76/Broadway St., New Virginia, Warren County

Facing north, but heading east, on 207

Photo by Jason Hancock

Like a few other highways, 207 ends at a mile marker. Rather than end at the city limits, 207 jogs north on West Street to an intersection with Broadway. At this intersection, G76 goes east to US 69 and R45 continues north. The mayor of New Virginia was interviewed by the Des Moines Register when the DOT released the possible transfer list in 2000, with a photo of him at the 207 sign leaving town. He was opposed to the transfer, partially because of the snow removal the DOT does. In 2003, the same route was used to show the crumbling pavement along decommissioned state routes to show just how much the counties had to do.

Facing west on G76 (old 207) / Facing east on G76

At left is the 2007 version of the sign the mayor was standing by as described in the paragraph above. At right is a sign east of town, along the pre-interstate IA 207 route, but the sign makers messed up the shield.

Last seen: 2003

Pictures by Jason Hancock: First and ninth, 4/14/02; fourth, 7/13/03

Pictures by me: Second, sixth-eighth, 10th, and 11th, 4/16/07; third, 12/24/01; fifth, 8/9/10

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