WEST End: Interchange (was T intersection), IA 141, Dallas County

Facing south, but heading west, on 210 (7/29/09)

Indicating on the north side of the interchange that 210 continues is kind of silly. All of the shields here have smaller numbers and no white border; a couple of these appear on IA 163 around Pella. There's more space at the top and bottom of the LGS than normal.

Facing south, but heading west, on 210 (4/17/16)

The IA 141/IA 210 interchange and the IA 92/IA 5 interchanges were two of the first non-interstate locations to get standardized signs without mileages. In addition, the east control city for 141 has been adjusted to Urbandale from Des Moines.

Facing south, but heading west, on 210 (7/29/09)

In 2003, the arrow under the 141 shield was a straight-ahead arrow, but was changed to ahead-and-left by mid-2004.

Facing south, but heading west, on 210 (4/17/16)

The "End 210" sign was taken down with the rest of the regular shields.

This end is slightly to the south of the original spot when 210 was extended here in 1980. The aerial photo below follows 141's pre-1997 two-lane with a thin black line:

(2002 USDA NRCS/MIT via ortho.gis.iastate.edu)

The gravel road that continues from the south side of this diamond intersection turns west (running left out of the picture) and becomes 141's frontage road. Because of this slight extension of 210, there is now a Mile Marker 1A a few hundred feet ahead of MM 1.

Facing south, but heading west, on 210 (8/6/04)

This part of 210 on the south side of the bridge is the new road. The sign at left is the sign two pictures down.

Facing south, but heading west, on 210 (4/17/16)

Along with the standardized signs, the "141" was moved into an oblong shield shape.

Facing north, but heading east, on 210 (7/29/09)

Facing north, but heading east, on 210 (4/17/16)

This is now the only sign south of the eastbound ramps.

Facing north, but heading east, on 210 (4/17/16)

The narrow new Highway Gothic font ("Perry") is particularly noticeable here.

Facing north, then west, on 141 (7/29/09)

The Woodward Resource Center (in Boone County) used to be the "State Hospital and Colony for Epileptics".

Facing east on 141 (8/6/04)

Facing east on 141 (4/17/16 and 7/29/09)

All the towns on and near IA 141 east of US 59 band together for the "Highway 141 Garage Sale," an annual event the first weekend in August.

Old WEST End: Story Street, Slater, Story County

Facing south (5/31/17)

IA 210 was created as a double spur from Slater to Maxwell. From at least 1940 until September 26, 1978, the route ended at the west end of downtown Slater. Since that's a nondescript view, here's the post office at the corner.

Facing east on 210 (5/31/17)

This is starting the first block of old 210. The stop sign in the deep center background, near the wind turbine, is where 210 would have gone south on R38. The north-south streets in Slater are named east to west in accordance with the counties along US 30: Greene, Boone, Story, Marshall, Tama, Benton, Linn, and Cedar.

Old WEST End: Four-way stop, R38/Linn St., Slater, Story County

Facing west on 210 (5/31/17)

For about two years, between 210's truncation and extension, this was the west end.

Facing north on R38 (5/31/17)

Before 1978, 210 would have been ahead and to the right; 1978-80, to the right only; 1980-present, both right and left.

Facing east on 210 (5/31/17)

Old EAST END: Second Street, Maxwell, Story County

Facing north, but heading east, on 210 (5/31/17)

Like in Slater, 210 ended after going through Maxwell's business district, at least since January 1, 1961. Before that, it likely ended on the other side of downtown, maybe even before the railroad tracks so the state didn't have to maintain the crossing. This is on a short north-south segment through town before 210 turns east again. Turn around and you'll see the business district, below.

Facing south, but heading west, on 210 (5/31/17)

The brick building on the left does NOT have open second-story windows; those are paintings.

EAST End: Stop sign, US 65, near Collins, Story County

Facing east on 210 (9/3/06)

Facing east on 210 (9/3/06)

Facing north on 65 (12/21/01)

Facing north on 65 (9/3/06)

Facing north on 65 (9/3/06)

Facing south on 65 (9/3/06)

Facing south on 65 (9/3/06)

Facing west on 210 (12/21/01)

"Rough Road," a sign now says here, and it was right at the time. The no-shoulder highway was rebuilt in 2007, possibly the first real work on the segment east of Maxwell since its addition to the state system in 1980.

Where am I? I'm facing southeast. This notifies drivers that continuing west will put them on gravel 320th Street. (12/21/01)

Point of interest:

Since 1980, 210 has been a part of the shortest multiplex in Iowa: one block with IA 17 in Madrid. This was created when 210 was extended in both directions from its double-spur status to run its present course, which also sucked up IA 89 between 141 and Madrid. (I think 89 should have been the number to stay and replace 210.) The 210/17 multiplex is tied for shortest in Iowa with IA 9/IA 15 going one block in Armstrong and Business 34/IA 1 in Fairfield.

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