(January 8, 1931-1980)

WEST End: Stop sign/T intersection, IA 5, Appanoose County

Facing west on 216

Facing north on 5

Though it is an east-west road, 216 became T30 because the only paved road coming into Exline then turns south to head into Missouri.

Facing north on 5

Facing south on 5

This sign, with its inclusion of the next town and county seat, is a leftover from state highway days.

EAST End: Exline, Appanoose County

Facing east

This is at 2nd Street, which is a block east of where 216's end was indicated in the 1980 route log. I thought this made a more logical place, but instead the end was closer to the post office pictured below. At right there is a rural road sign pointing "Hwy T30->".

Exline, IA 52555

Last seen: 1980 (1981 map)

All pictures by me: 7/11/05

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