NORTH End: Stop sign, US 59 and C63, Cherokee County

Facing east, but heading north, on 31

Facing east, but heading north, on 31

Facing north on 59

Facing north on 59, minus an ahead arrow

Facing west on C63

Unlike many ends that also intersect a county road, both the cross road and the road ahead are mentioned here on C63. Note that on this county LGS, Quimby is 5 miles away, compared to the 4 on the DOT signs above and below.

Facing south on 59

Facing south on 59

SOUTH End: Stop sign, IA 141 and L12, Smithland, Woodbury County

Facing south on 31

Photo by Neil Bratney

This picture shows the old Smithland school, which was torn down sometime between May 2002 and September 2004. When I made my first visit to Smithland in 2009, only a grassy area remained.

Facing south on 31

Facing south on 31

Facing north on L12

There are no shields for either 31 or 141 heading north.

Facing west on 141

Facing east on 141

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Eighth picture by Neil Bratney: 2/23/02

Pictures by me: Top seven, 6/14/04; ninth-15th, 7/23/09

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