(February 1, 1938-1981)

WEST End: Stop sign, Rembrandt, Buena Vista County

Facing west on 351

I'm not sure what the structure is, nor could I find a name for the intersecting gravel road. The man I talked to said the supervisors and the state once argued about paving the last block of 351; otherwise it would have ended a block behind this picture. (The business district and 71 are behind me.) Sign at right is for raising funds for the fire station, which was up the second time I visited the town six years later.

WEST End (1980-81): City limits of Rembrandt, Buena Vista County

The route was only eight-tenths of a mile at its longest extent, and about three-tenths of that was turned over to the city a year before the county took over the rest.

EAST End: Stop sign, US 71, Buena Vista County

Facing east on 351

Could this forlorn-looking shield set (minus the double arrow) be from its days as a spur?

Facing east on 351

Given the font and newness of the sign this has to be county-erected.

Facing south on 71

What? Because it's the only Rembrandt in the entire country, that's what.

Facing south on 71

In the background is the junction with C25. While old 352 is in the rural road system as "Hwy 352", and old 390 is "Hwy 390", old 351 is 477th St. Go figure.

Last seen: 1981

All pictures by me: 6/21/03

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