(July 1, 1920-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: Stop sign, US 71/IA 175, Decatur County

Facing north on 36 (mile marker is 3) (9/17/07)

Facing north on 36 (9/20/02)

Photo by Neil Bratney

Three miles of IA 36, unchanged from 1920 to 2003*, made it the lowest spur number from 1920 to 1926 and 1980 to 2003. It lost the distinction in the interim to IA 19, a route mysteriously renumbered to 410 in 1957; a spur IA 7(!), a short-lived, short-distanced, and absurdly numbered route to Oakville; and IA 27, a respectable spur first to George and then Alvord, victim of the first Great Decommissioning (and then, rightly or wrongly, reincarnated as the Avenue of the Saints designation). It makes you wonder just who was in Wall Lake or had connections to it in 1920 to drop such a low number on such an insignificant route.

*Not that Sac County didn't try. On May 25, 1932, the Iowa Highway Commission politely but firmly told a county delegation that it would not extend IA 36 south of Wall Lake, and would it please stop asking. Sac County's response: Well, then, the paving bond issue is going to fail, and it's all your fault. (It did. And it failed again in 1935.)

Facing north on 36 (9/17/07)

Facing north on 36 (8/8/16)

The 2016 pictures were taken shortly after US 71 was removed from the east-west part of IA 175.

Facing west on 175, but heading north on 71 (9/20/02)

Photo by Neil Bratney

Prior to 71's reroute and 175's commissioning this was a sequential intersection; the east-west road was IA 35.

Facing west on 175 (8/8/16)

Facing west on 175 (8/8/16)

Facing east on 175, but heading south on 71, post-decommissioning (6/14/04 and 9/17/07)

I'm sensing a theme in these mileage signs. Something water-related, perhaps.

Facing east on 175, but heading south on 71 (6/14/04)

Facing east on 175, replacement LGS (8/8/16)

SOUTH End: Main St., Wall Lake, Sac County

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 36 (9/20/02)

Photo by Neil Bratney

The Wall Lake business district parallels the railroad, so 36 turns southwest for its last few blocks. Neil writes, "Wall Lake is famous as both the home of Andy Williams (whose home is right where IA 36 makes its turn) and Cookies Barbecue Sauce!!" Cookies, as the jingle goes, is the barbecue sauce America loves to eat. Kudos to the company for not only remaining in Wall Lake, but repeatedly expanding its facility.

Photo by Neil Bratney (9/20/02)


Facing north on M64 (9/17/07)

One mile south of Wall Lake, D59 joins M64 to head into town. At this intersection, IA 36 used to go left through downtown and ahead to 71/175. The house in the background is Williams' birthplace.

Last seen: 2003

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