(October 16, 1926-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: Stop sign/T intersection, IA 2, Wayne County

Facing north on 40, pre-decommissioning (2002)

Photo by Ben Prusia

Although a two-digit number, this is not an original spur. It was created after IA 14 was truncated from the Missouri state line and the first IA 40 was replaced by U.S. highways. To get a grasp of what 40 was and what it is now, IA 40 used to be the entire route of what is today US 218 in Iowa (sans bypasses and four-laning and all that).

Facing north on 40, post-decommissioning (6/11/07)

Facing west on 2 (10/3/15)

Facing west on 2 (6/16/03)

Facing east on 2 (6/16/03)

The "BK" (back) on the mile marker is to denote the shortening of the route when 2 was realigned between about here and US 65. There are many intersections along 2 right by mile markers.

Facing east on 2 (6/11/07)

Facing east on 2 (6/11/07)

SOUTH End: Oak St., Allerton, Wayne County

Facing south on 40 (2002 and 9/23/11)

Left photo by Ben Prusia

The south end of IA 40 was a block south of J46, not the county road itself.

The post office is in a building downtown. (9/23/11)

North side of downtown (9/23/11)

Last seen: 2003

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