(March 12, 1958-July 1, 2003)

For a completely arbitrary and as yet unknown reason, IA 19 was changed to 410 in 1957-58. It is very odd because 410 did not exist beforehand, 19 has not been used since, and no other park spurs were changed at the time.

NORTH (or EAST) End: Intersection, IA 3/13, Clayton County

Facing east on 410 (9/26/16)

This post-decommissioning photo has the county road designation on the junction post, but it should have "End" above W68.

Facing east on 410 (9/26/16)

So, is 410 a north-south or east-west highway? Uh, yes. Approximately one mile runs east-west - 410 ends heading east while 3 and 13 run ahead and to the north - and approximately one mile runs north-south. I'll call it N-S by virtue of the (albeit incorrect) fact that Street Atlas extends it south into the park, and if it does go beyond the line, there's more N-S mileage than E-W. (Or you might say that it's because the dominant leg in the above Y intersection goes north.)

Facing (north)east on 410 (January 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Strawberry Point has annexed the ROW of the highway south of town and then east to the industrial park.

Facing south on 13, but heading east on 3 (January 2002 and 9/7/06)

Left photo by Jason Hancock

The van in the left photo is at the end of 410.


Facing south on 13, but heading east on 3 (9/26/16)

Facing west on 3, but heading north on 13 (January 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Here's an interesting sign, somewhat like the one at IA 330 and S75 north of Albion. The road branching off the left of the curve is 410; the road to the right is a road to the Strawberry Point Industrial Park.

Facing west on 3, but heading north on 13 (9/7/06 and 9/2/08)

"Hwy 410" lives on in the rural signs.

SOUTH (or WEST) End: Backbone State Park, Clayton/Delaware county line

Facing south on 410 (January 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

The north edge of the park was on the county line.

Facing south on 410 (9/26/16)

Closeup of entrance pillar / Standard DNR park sign (9/26/16)

Rural sign at park entrance (9/26/16)

Last seen: 2003

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