(December 4, 1934-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: Stop sign, IA 2, Wayne County

The below photos alternate between pre- and post-decommissioning.

Facing north on 55 (2002)

Photo by Ben Prusia

Although a two-digit number, this is not the spur's original designation. There's a strange little saga with the numbers 55 and 67: In 1926, US 55 was written through northeast Iowa while IA 67 belonged to this spur route. When US 55 was decommissioned in 1934 (replaced by US 52) and US 67 came into Iowa, the two numbers swapped significance. Now, 67 went through from Davenport to Dubuque, and 55 only went from IA 2 to Seymour. A similar 'fall from grace' situation occurred with 161, once a road from Dubuque to Keokuk but later just a tiny thing in and out of Dedham.

Facing north on 55 (6/11/07)

Facing west on 2 (6/16/03)

Facing west on 2 (6/11/07 and 10/3/15)

Facing east on 2 (6/16/03)

Facing east on 2 (6/11/07)

SOUTH End: 4-way stop, J46/Main St., Seymour, Wayne County

Facing south on 55 (2002)

Photo by Ben Prusia

Same intersection, post-decommissioning (9/13/11)

The county road heading south out of Seymour leaves on the east side of town past the school.

Facing south on 55 entering town (9/13/11)

Facing north on 55 (9/13/11)

Old SOUTH End (1934-88): 3rd St., Seymour, Wayne County

Facing east on J46 (9/13/11)

Highway logs show that 55 used to turn east for two blocks into Seymour's downtown until September 16, 1988.

Last seen: 2003

Pictures by me: Second, third, fifth, and seventh, 6/11/07; fourth and sixth, 6/16/03; ninth-twelfth, 9/13/11

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