Old WEST End: Stop sign, IA 191, Pottawattamie County

Facing west on 83 (6/9/03)

Facing west on 83 (6/9/03)

Notice the rare double diagonal arrow (which also used to make appearances at intersections with IA 330). The double arrow became a straight one after decommissioning with a G8L shield above it.

Facing north on 191 (6/9/03)

After July 1 the right sign's bracket was blank.

Facing north on 191 (1/18/02 and 6/4/07)

Left photo by Neil Bratney

Facing north on 83 (6/9/03)

Turning from 191 to 83 here used to mean continuing on the same road. Between 1939 and 1969 both segments were part of IA 64, a cross-state route that involved a lot of duplexing. Today, this entire intersection has been dumped into Pottawattamie County's jurisdiction, a far cry from when this was an important intersection.

Facing east on 83 (6/9/03)

Bridges figure prominently in the old first mile of 83. This one, just past the first sign, is over Burlington Northern railroad tracks, and then I-80 goes over it half a mile to the east (with no direct access).

Alternate names were given to the portions of 191 and 83 turned over to the county after July 1, 2003. (6/9/03)

Facing south on 191 (6/4/07)

WEST End: Stop sign, IA 59 and G18/Old IA 83, Avoca, Pottawattamie County

Maps of this intersection at four different times - 1920, 1940, 1980, and today - are shown in this graphic.

Facing west on 83 (8/11/03)

This is probably about as close as mileage can get. This is heading uphill, before the "Jct 59" sign...

Facing west on 83 (8/11/03)

...which apparently never had an "83 ^" and as of August 2003 did not have an "End 83".

Facing south on 59 (8/11/03)

The designation for 83 west of 59 is now G18. Given the massive truncations in Pottawattamie County, I was almost surprised 83 was not extended a mile and a half north of Walnut to I-80 and truncated an additional six and a half miles - but then found out that to do that, 83 would end up on brick streets in downtown Walnut.

Facing east on 83 (4/6/08)

The "East 83 ^" in the background is now the first shield eastbound and it's on the other side of the intersection (see below).

Facing north on 59 (6/12/06)

Facing north on 59 (8/11/03)

Note the sign assembly from the background of the above picture at right and the "To 80" sign in the background here.

Old EAST End: Stoplight, US 6/7th St., Atlantic, Cass County

Facing southeast (10/22/14)

The last time I was in Atlantic I didn't think of photographing this intersection as an endpoint, because it predates 1980. It was extended east to Anita, creating a triplex with US 71, in March 1973, after a brief period with the road through Wiota as an unmarked primary.

I have plenty of pictures of the courthouse, though. (10/22/14)

SQUIRREL! (10/22/14)

Civil War monument in park across from courthouse (10/22/14)

EAST End: Intersection, IA 148/Michigan Ave., Anita, Cass County

Two maps of Anita from when 6 went through town and today are here.

Facing northeast, but heading east, on 83 (8/11/03)

Until 1973, 83 ended at US 6 in Atlantic. After 6 was duplexed with US 71 up to I-80 and then east on 80, 83 was extended along 6's old route to Anita, creating a 2-mile triplex east of Atlantic with 6 and 71. When this was still 6, this was 148's north end. Soon after this intersection, 148 turns north again to end at I-80.

Facing northeast, but heading east, on 83 (10/22/14)

For some reason, there's now a reassurance shield for 83 less than a block from its end.

Facing northeast, but heading east, on 83 (10/22/14)

Compared to the 2003 setup two pictures up, this is strange. I don't know why the directions for 148 were split, and we still have "83 End".

Facing north on 148 (8/21/06)

Prior to 6's realignment this would have read "End 148 / 6 <->". In the late 1960s and early 1970s, I-80 existed a few miles to the north, but 148 south of here was still gravel to IA 92. By 2014, the 148 shield was replaced, and the metal strip anchoring the arrows had been moved down, creating a gap between the shields and the arrows.

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 148 (8/21/06)

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 148 (8/21/06)

Facing north on 148 (10/22/14)

The inclusion of the arrow with the "Jct" is due to the railroad tracks and lack of space closer to the intersection.

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