WEST End: I-35 exit 92, Ankeny, Polk County

Facing west on 931 (11/3/02)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Facing east on 931, across the street from above picture (11/3/02)

Photos by Jason Hancock

This "End" sign is in a place similar to 221: just past the ramps on the opposite side it came in on.

Facing north on the northbound 35 offramp (11/3/02)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Jason writes, "Although this is technically correct, given where the "END" assembly is posted, there isn't much more of 931 if you turn left."

Facing south on the southbound 35 offramp (11/3/02)

Photo by Jason Hancock

This offramp only has a one-directional arrow, because the "End" sign can be seen at far right.

Facing south on 35 (12/21/01 and June 2003)

Right photo by Jason Hancock

Facing north on 35 (7/19/05)

After the construction project in Ankeny, northbound traffic exiting at 931 is in the rightmost of three lanes, which become two after the interchange.

EAST End: Stop sign, US 65, Polk County

Facing east on 931 (11/3/02)

Photo by Jason Hancock

There were no signs for 65 at this intersection.

Facing west on 931 (5/27/03)

Facing south on 65 (5/27/03)

Facing north on 65 (12/21/01)

As you can see, 900s are signed very minimally.

Facing north on 65 (5/3/13)


Last seen: 2003 (2002 map)

Pictures by Jason Hancock: First-fifth and ninth, 11/3/02; seventh, June 2003

Pictures by me: Sixth and twelfth, 12/21/01; tenth and eleventh, 5/27/03; eighth, 7/19/05

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