(1966-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: T intersection, near E36, Palo, Linn County

Facing north on 94

Photo by Jason Hancock

Notice that 94 traffic does not stop. Palo is to the right, and 94 never enters the city limits, rather having an LGS a half-mile south pointing to the town. Interestingly enough, even out here, E36, after a large turn north, is called Blairs Ferry Road! Actually, E36 is NOT here, but just ahead; that light pole marks where E36 goes northeast and then turns east again to go through northern Palo.

SOUTH End: Stoplight, 1st Ave. NW/Business US 151, Cedar Rapids, Linn County

Facing south on 94

Photo by Jason Hancock (also one below)

Jason Hancock writes, "Posted southern ending along 1st Street NE approaching 1st Avenue/Business US 151 in downtown Cedar Rapids. But..."

"This junction sign is on the 1st Avenue Bridge approaching 1st Street _NW_! This is because IA 94 follows one-way streets for its last half-mile; Northbound 94 follows 1st Street NW and F Avenue while southbound 94 turns onto Ellis Boulevard and E Avenue and crosses the Cedar River under I-380 on the 5-in-1 Bridge before turning onto 1st Street NE. The two even cross at one point under I-380! The one-ways end at the junction of F Avenue and Ellis Boulevard NW, and 94 follows F Avenue west of that point."

Facing southwest on Business US 151/1st Avenue

Photo by Jason Hancock

The Mobil seen here was a Citgo in the "Jct 94" picture above.

Photo by Jason Hancock

Jason writes, "Looking northwest on 1st Street W toward the I-380 overpass and the junction with southbound IA 94, which runs below I-380 across the 5-in-1 bridge before its turn onto 1st Street E. Yes, IA 94 crosses itself here, but there's no signage noting this. The BGS for IA 94 north marks where IA 94 turns onto F Avenue, a one-way that becomes a two-way at Ellis Blvd."

If you were able to pay attention to all that and your head didn't spin, congratulations! If not, just remember that the south end of Iowa 94 is the intersection of First Street and First Avenue on the east side of the river, and 94 begins at the intersection of First Street and First Avenue on the west side of the river. There. Didn't that clear everything up? :-)

Facing north on I-380/IA 27, pre-decommissioning

Facing north on 380/27, post-decommissioning (2006)

Facing north on 380/27, post-replacement (2008)

Facing northeast, but heading north, on 380/27

Photo by Jason Hancock

I-380 passes close to 94's east end - in fact, it passes on top of 94 on the 5-in-1 bridge - and all the 94 shields have now been pried off,.

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 380/27

Photo by Jason Hancock

And if the surface signage of 94 wasn't confusing enough, the exit for 94 depends on which way you are going. Notice also the very skinny "19" on the exit tabs in the above two pictures.

Last seen: 2003 (state map, Cedar Rapids inset)

Pictures by Jason Hancock: First, second, and third, 12/2/01; Fourth, fifth, and ninth, 5/17/03; tenth, 12/24/02

Pictures by me: Sixth, 5/25/03; seventh, 7/15/06; eighth, 4/20/08

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