WEST End: Oak St. at US 30/US 75/Broadway, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County

For pictures of US 32's end on the east side of Council Bluffs, see Dale Sanderson's page. Since this intersection would be where US 32 met another east-west highway, it most likely would not have continued southwest with US 30/75 to US 34 in downtown Council Bluffs. The west end of US 32 was about eight miles west of the east end of US 38 in Omaha - until they were both superseded by US 6 in December 1931.

EAST Iowa line: Mississippi River, Davenport IA/Rock Island IL, Scott County IA/Rock Island County IL

Highways on the Government/Arsenal Bridge
October 1926-December 1931
December 1931-December 1934
December 1934-November 1935
November 1935-July 1940

Facing southeast, but heading east, on 6

Library of Congress photo

In December 1896, a two-level bridge opened connecting Iowa and Illinois via Rock Island (the island). This would be the only connection between Davenport and Rock Island (the city) until 1940, and is the only bridge on either side of Iowa built in the 19th century that lasted into the 21st. (This bridge was the replacement for the first one to ever cross the Mississippi River!) Maps indicate that US 32 stayed in Illinois for a couple of years after US 6 came through. This is how it would have looked in mid-1932, after 6 replaced 32 in Iowa:

For photos of that end in Rock Island, see Dale Sanderson's Rock Island page. (Film note: In Road to Perdition, which takes place in 1931, Tom Hanks' character could have used US 32 to go from Rock Island to Chicago.)

Picture by Library of Congress: February 1985

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