WEST End: US 101/Coast Hwy., Newport OR, Lincoln County OR

Facing west on 20

Photo by Chris Elbert

US Highway 20, one of the two major national east-west routes that goes through Iowa, ends less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean.

Facing north on 101

Photo by Chris Elbert

Technically, US 20 is broken into two segments, west and east of Yellowstone National Park. The eastern segment is the original one.

Along the route

O'Neill, Nebraska: End of US 275

South Sioux City, Nebraska: Crossing the Missouri River with I-129 and US 75

Waterloo, Iowa: North end of IA 21

Portage, Indiana: South end of IN 249, just south of I-94

In northwestern Indiana, many highways that go through Iowa come within a few miles of each other - US 6, US 20, US 30, and I-80.

East Greenbush, New York (southeast of Albany): West/South end of US 4

EAST End: MA 2 W/Beacon St. and MA 2 E/Commonwealth Ave., Boston MA, Suffolk County MA

Facing east on 20

Photo by Chris Elbert

The east end of Highway 20 is about 600 feet due north of the famous "Green Monster" left-field wall.

Closeup of the signage

Photo by Chris Elbert

Pictures by me: Third, 6/26/06; fourth, 6/12/05; fifth, 5/7/03; sixth, 12/19/03; seventh and eighth, August 2002

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