NORTH End: Direct merge into I-35, Albert Lea MN, Freeborn County MN

Facing north on 65 (May 2004)

This sign, a good distance from the interchange, is the last 65 shield along the side of the road. That assembly had changed slightly two years later:

Facing north on 65 (May 2006)

Facing north on 65

This overhead sign at a half-interchange splits 65 from old US 16. In order to access southbound 35, one must follow County Road 46 (old 16) eastward.

Facing north on 65

This is the last stoplight before the merge. Notice the Business Loop 35 shield without a US 65 shield.

Facing west

But this sign on the stoplight pole for the cross street shows that 65 is both north and south here.

Facing north on 65

Because the I-90 interchange with 35 is so close, signs for it are posted on 65 as it crosses under northbound 35 and merges.

Facing north on 65

This is the last piece of pavement for US 65 as it completes its merge into I-35...

...and comes right up to I-90.

Facing north on 35

Facing south on 35

Facing south on 35

There is no access back to northbound 35 when taking the exit, although you could go to the first stoplight seen above and turn around. Notice no "South" indicator on the sign, though this is the beginning of 65.

Facing south on 65

SOUTH Iowa line: US 425, Clayton LA, Concordia County LA

In a triumph of misguided ideas over elegance, US 65 was truncated in 2005 and now ends at US 425 - or, as Dale Sanderson put it, "ends disgracefully at a 3-digit branch route with an illegitimate number." The stated goal, according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, was "to provide one continuous route from Natchez, Miss., to Little Rock, Ark." This would have made more sense if there wasn't already a route connecting those two cities - US 65. Supposedly, US 425 is a "more direct" route than 65, despite the fact that US 425 currently ends in Pine Bluff AR and 65 is still needed to get to Little Rock. I agree with Dale's proposal: Instead of this absurdity of a number, have US 65 replace the entire route of 425 while the old 65 becomes US 265. That way, there really is a single number connecting Natchez and Little Rock, and an original 2-digit route doesn't come to a sad end point.

Pictures by me: First, third, seventh-ninth, and eleventh-thirteenth, 5/19/04; second, fourth-sixth, and tenth, 5/28/06

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