NORTH End of Bus. 218: Interchange, US 218/IA 27, Bremer County

When 218 was realigned from its stairstep route through Waverly to a bypass for the Avenue of the Saints, its mile-long duplex with IA 3 was eliminated and the standalone pieces north and south of it were given different numbers. These numbers, although secret routes, neither start with a 9 or are sequential. The north piece was the first Iowa highway ever to be numbered 431; the south piece received a number that went to a fish hatchery near Manchester (which itself became a secret route for a while).

On the 2002 map, 431 is no longer marked with a black line but a gray one instead, implying it had been turned over to the respective jurisdictions. However, the route is signed as Business 218. NOTE: Pictures at the north terminus have been tweaked for brightness and an odd orange/purple balance issue on the raw images.

Facing west, but heading north, on Business 218

This intersection was where 218 switched from westbound to northbound again; the curve would have been right behind the picture. To create this interchange, 218 traffic was temporarily diverted onto T77 and C33. Now, the paved route feeds directly into the gravel road. There is no "End" sign.

Facing east

This sign set and the LGS below are on the gravel road approaching the business route.

Facing east

It's interesting that this sign includes Cedar Falls but not Waverly, which would seem more logical as the third city.

Facing east

The yellow pickup is starting on Business 218.

Facing south on 218/27

The northbound sign doesn't have "218 Business" on it.

Facing south on 218

A sign for an exit right in front of a driveway isn't something you normally see, but the freeway segment is only between the business route interchanges.

Facing south on 218/27

Facing south, across the road from the offramp

This is the only business route sign at the interchange.

Facing north on 218/27, north of the interchange

Looks like someone had forgotten to put the name of the next town 218 meets.

Along the route

Facing south on T77

There's room for it up there, but the "Business" designation is missing from this pole as T77 meets the old route on a curve. This has since been fixed.

Facing north on Business 218

This leaving-town LGS remained on the old route. I think Austin may have been left off the new freeway sign because of the expectation more travelers would be following the Avenue of the Saints to Mason City instead of 218.

South End of IA 431

Facing south on Business 218

Although IA 431 isn't an official route for this site, I took some pictures of its south end anyway.

Facing west on 3

Facing north, but heading east, on 3

This is the west end of the 1-mile duplex. Continuting straight ahead, like the vehicle pulling the trailer, would begin heading north on former IA 431, the north standalone segment of the business route.

NORTH End of 116: Stoplight, IA 3/Bremer Ave., Waverly, Bremer County

Facing northeast-ish

The blue pickup is at the end of 116, facing north; Business 218 continues to the left.

Sign assembly at southeast corner of intersection, pre- and post-bypass

Left photo by Jason Hancock

Facing east on 3/Business 218, southwest corner of intersection

The sign in the background, the same as that in the pictures above, is brought to you courtesy of the Department of Redundancy Department, much like IA 333. Note on this one that "South" remains and the "Business" has been added above it. By May 2004 the redundancies had been removed, and by May 2006 the area had been changed more:

Facing east on 3

SOUTH End of both: Direct merge into US 218/IA 27, Bremer County


Unlike some business routes at interchanges, both directions of 218 have access here. It's a basic trumpet interchange only with the intersecting roads configured in a different way than usual.

Facing south on 116/Business 218

Here, the southbound lanes begin a slight turn southwest for the interchange.

Facing south on 116, curving over mainline 218

Facing north on 218/27

Facing north on 218/27

Facing south on 218/27

The near bridge is southbound Business 218 traffic that will merge into the expressway. The far bridge is the loop-around from this exit, which will run into the old route.

Pictures by me: Top fourteen, 5/11/04; 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 23rd, and 24th, June 2002; 25th, 8/4/15; 26th, 5/19/04; 20th-22nd, 5/28/06 (numbers omit aerial image)

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