Old NORTH End (1954?-September 23, 1981): Stoplight, US 30/218/16th Ave. SW and US 151/Williams Blvd., Cedar Rapids, Linn County

Facing northeast, but heading north, on 149, now Business 151 (January 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Jason Hancock writes that this was the end of 149 before 1981, so it just ducks under the cutoff here. (It's also on the 1981 map.) This was also the south end of US 151 at the time. Today Williams Boulevard (formerly 149 and 151) is all Business 151. Those 30/151/218 signs are for a "Fog Detour" (since changed to an "Emergency Detour") through Cedar Rapids.

Inset maps of the early 1950s don't show 149 northeast of this intersection, but they don't not show it - there are no markers between 16th/Williams and downtown until 1956, and IA 64 was more or less on the modern-day Business 151 route throughout that time. Alignments for both US 30 and IA 150 were changed over the decade and it's possible or likely changes to those routes affected 149. For more information see Jason Hancock's Highways of Cedar Rapids page.

Old NORTH End (September 23, 1981-September 19, 1985): Interchange, US 30/151/218, Cedar Rapids, Linn County

Facing northeast, but heading north, on 149, now 151 (May 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

The "End" sign was probably posted between here and the LGS. For those four years this was also the south end of US 151 (again). least according to the Iowa Department of Transportation. The Special Committee on Route Numbering, which is in charge of approving changes to US routes, did not acknowledge the extension of 151 past this point until 1996. The reason for the delay is unknown (though I have a strong urge to make a bureaucracy and/or traffic joke).

Facing northeast, but heading north, on 149, now 151 (4/18/06)

Facing north (May 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Which direction did you want to go again? Turn right to head east, north and south; turn left across the bridge to head west and north. As fun as this sign is, it's missing an "East 30 ->", and that would've put all four directions on this assembly. (This is also the south end of Business 151/IA 922.)

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 151, now Business 151 (11/28/03)

Although this sign is approached traveling south, when 149 ended here it could have also substituted for Jason's photo second from top.

Facing southwest, but heading south, on 151, now Business 151 (11/28/03)

Between fall 1981 and fall 1985, "South 151" would be "South 149" and "End Business 151" would be "End 151."

NORTH End: I-80 exit 220 and V77, Williamsburg, Iowa County

Facing north on 149 (7/8/05)

This multicolored LGS is just north of main Williamsburg - that is, the part of town that's not a byproduct of the outlet mall.

Facing north on 149 (10/7/13)

Facing north on 149 (7/8/05)

The Tanger Outlet Mall is visible on the other side of I-80. Before 1985, when 149 went to Cedar Rapids (ending at the new 30/218 interchange from 1981-85), it continued north of here to US 6 east of Marengo, duplexing with 6 south of the Amana Colonies.

Closeup of LGS in above picture (7/8/05)

Replacement for LGS above (10/7/13)

Facing south on V77 (7/8/05)

Facing south on V77 (10/7/13)

This is the replacement for the sign set below.

Facing south on V77 (7/8/05)

Facing south on V77 (7/8/05)

The restaurant seen in the background here and the gas station are closed.

Facing south on V77 becoming 149 (2/1/02)

On this side of the freeway, it's a county road. This small piece of four-lane continues north of the interchange a bit, to serve traffic for the Tanger Outlet Mall. Behind this photograph are two stoplights.

Facing south on 149 (10/7/13)

Facing south on 149 (7/8/05)

Yes, that is a hay baler going down a four-lane road. Don't you just love Iowa?

Facing east on 80 (4/18/06)

Facing west on 80 (10/7/13)

Facing east on 80 (11/26/08)

Surrounding area information: Old 149/6 junction

Facing north on V77 (old 149), 6 miles north of interchange (7/8/05)

This mileage sign is DOT style, which means it's more than 20 years old; shows four destinations, which is a rare sight and even rarer since there's no "straight ahead" location; and shows how equidistant Iowa City and Cedar Rapids' downtowns are from this location.

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