(November 23, 1965-July 1, 2003)

Old NORTH End: Stop sign, Railroad Street, Newhall, Benton County

Facing north on 287 (5/16/17)

For its first four years (1936-40), IA 280 ended at the south end of Newhall's business district, 1st Street at Main Street. Then it was extended through the business district, making "Main Street at Railroad Street" a description for the ends of both 279 and 280. The number was changed to 287 to make room for I-280. Here, in the last block of 287, you can see fresh work on downtown parking and some expansion to the north.

NORTH End: City limits of Newhall, Benton County

Facing north on 287 (5/20/03)

The city end of 287, like most Benton County spurs, was truncated to the city limits in 1980. There was no leaving-town LGS for 287 - perhaps the only difference with its twin route of IA 279 to the east.

The east end of 199 and the north end of 287 were equidistant from the confluence of 42 degrees north, 92 degrees west. The confluence, located in the middle of Section 15 of El Dorado Township (T83N-R10W), is about 1.6 miles away from both - in 287's case, 1.5 miles west and .5 mile north on a fence between two fields.

SOUTH End: Stop sign, US 30/218, Benton County

Facing south on 287 (5/20/03)

LGS in above picture, with apologies for the color (5/20/03)

Facing south on 287 (12/2/01 and 5/20/03)

Left photo by Jason Hancock

Facing west on 30/218 (5/20/03)

Facing west on 30/218 (8/8/09)

Facing east on 30/218, post-decommissioning (8/8/09)

Facing east on 30/218 (5/25/02)

The van is at the end of 287, between the westbound and eastbound lanes.

Last seen: 2003

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