(December 16, 1943-2001)

WEST End: Somewhere west of the fish hatchery, Ringgold County

Facing west on 344

According to maps up to and past decommissioning, the road that is/was IA 344 was paved. However, Neil has found that this is not true. In addition, we are not sure where the west end actually was because different maps give us different answers. This picture is at the north-south road a mile west of US 169.

Rural signs at intersection

EAST End: Stop sign/T intersection, US 169, Ringgold County

Facing east on 344

Photo by Neil Bratney

Unlike IA 234, which also ended as gravel, there are no signs left here.

Facing south on 169

Photo by Neil Bratney

Facing north on 169

Last seen: 2001

Pictures by Neil Bratney: Third and fourth, 9/2/02

Pictures by me: First, second, fifth/sixth (composite), 9/17/14

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