(July 1, 1920-December 29, 1980)

(the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything)

WEST End: Stop sign, US 275 and IA 2, Fremont County

Facing west on 42

The southwesternmost spur in the original 1920 numbering scheme, the highway serving as 42's west terminus was first a duplex of IA 4 and IA 12 with no state route heading west. The latter, the IA 12 of today despite the distance, was redundantly multiplexed (never got a route of its own) south of Glenwood, and was truncated in 1924. In 1930 then-IA 3 was realigned to intersect the north-south route (which became US 275 soon after) here instead of at Sidney. In 1941, when 3 was replaced by IA 2, the numbering at the intersection settled out until 42 was decommissioned 40 years later.

Facing east on 2

Facing south on 275

Facing south on 275

Facing south on 275

Facing north on 275

Facing north on 275

Facing north on 275

The previous signs mark West 2, but this arrow should still be a left-and-ahead.

Temporary WEST End: City limits of Riverton, Fremont County

This route was on the 1981 map, but turned over in December 1980. Riverton didn't take its segment until December 29, which is probably why the three-tenths of a mile inside city limits was in the 1981 route log.

EAST End: 4-way stop, Summer Ave., Riverton, Fremont County

This intersection near Riverton's downtown is most likely where 42 ended.

Towns as small as Riverton (1920 pop. 568; 2010 pop. 304) don't have businesses like this anymore.

Last seen: Late 1980/1981 (1981 map)

At first, according to newspaper articles, turning over IA 42 was a straightforward action. But then Fremont County and the DOT got into a disagreement over the status of IA 333, noted by that road's complete absence from the 1981 map above.

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