(October 4, 1957-July 1, 2003)

WEST End (February 1, 1981-July 1, 2003): Stoplight, US 34 and X40, West Burlington, Des Moines County

Facing north, but heading west, on 406 (February 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Facing east on 34 (February 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Facing east on 34, post-decommissioning, pre-new 34 (8/14/05)

This is on what most likely is the earliest rural four-lane divided highway in Iowa, in use as part of 34 for 60 years. (And in places shortly before a new freeway opened in 2005, the asphalt looked it.)

Facing south on unmarked X40 (8/14/05)

EAST End: Stoplight, Gear Avenue, West Burlington, Des Moines County

Facing east on 406 (February 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

This is the farthest east "bottom 'End'" in Iowa (being near the Mississippi River will do that).

Above "End" sign from a slightly different angle (February 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

"Agency Road" is the street name for 406's route. A map titled "Federal Roads in Iowa Territory" in the book Transportation in Iowa shows two roads surveyed in 1839. One went near today's US 151, IA 1, US 218 and then at an angle from Mount Pleasant to Keosauqua, "Military Road". The other went from Burlington through Danville and over to Agency City, "Agency Road". This street keeps that historic road name alive, although today the route to Agency is US 34.

The two roads intersected in a place marked "Washington". Washington was about equidistant from Mt. Pleasant and Keosaqua and directly west of Burlington. I have been told that Washington is an old name for Hillsboro, which one site says was platted in 1840.

Old EAST End (December 31, 1976-February 1, 1981): Interchange, US 34, West Burlington, Des Moines County

Facing north on Gear Avenue, but heading east on 406 (10/4/15)

Facing south on Gear Avenue, but heading west on 406 (10/4/15)

For a short time, IA 406 was routed to run north along Gear Avenue to the new 34 freeway. Before that it continued east on Gear to US 61.

Facing east on 34 (10/4/15)

Facing west on EB 34 offramp (10/4/15)

Old EAST End (October 4, 1957-December 31, 1976): US 61/Roosevelt Ave., Burlington, Des Moines County

Facing north on 61 - NOT at 406's old end, but very close (10/4/15)

All of the numbers that would have to be reassigned for duplicating highways on the new interstate system were in use on relatively short routes; IA 29 was the longest, at 22 miles. IA 80 had been around in West Burlington/Burlington since the formation of the Iowa highway system, following Agency Road/Agency Street to Osborn Street, which at the time was US 61. (It was also US 34 for an unknown period, because 34 went east on Washington until an unknown time.)

A year before 80 was renumbered 406, it was peeled back out of Burlington to end at Roosevelt Avenue, which was the new "bypass" for US 61. The intersection is eight-tenths of a mile south of old 34, but practically at the doorstep of the eastbound ramps for the 34 freeway that would be built in the 1970s.

Last seen: 2003 (Burlington inset)

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