Map of additional endangered post offices

The map I made last week was limited to and directly taken from the 178 Iowa post offices listed at the USPS’ “Expanded Access Study List” – and yes, as far as most of the places in question are concerned, that’s an oxymoron. But there is at least one other official list (Scribd), released the day after the other.

To keep things under control on my end – and because Google only allows 200 points per map – I’m creating a second map.

In this map, blue dots are those that are on the second list plus those for which there have been meetings. (Or attempted meetings. USPS officials walked out at New Hartford.) Purple dots are those that the Register’s Kyle Munson mentioned in April but weren’t listed in July.

The red dots are what you might suspect: Closed or suspended. Included are six certain closures reported by the Fort Dodge Messenger: Goodell, Masonville, Patterson, Pilot Grove, Searsboro, and Unionville. I will try to change dots in both maps from red to blue as events dictate (assuming I’m able to do that).

View Additional Iowa Post Offices in a larger map

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