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Apr 30

I should get this shirt

As seen at the Madison roadgeek meet earlier this month (because stereotypes happen): (link)

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Apr 30

Bus travel challenges rural school districts

Story from Iowa Farmer Today. Busing, both in terms of time for students and gasoline costs, has significant effects on rural districts’ budgets.

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Apr 29

Google kills Classic Maps

You know how, when new products come out that are worse than the old ones, or are incompatible, or are inextricably linked with “the cloud”, or just plain don’t do what the old one does, the rebuttal is “you don’t … Continue reading

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Apr 28

No US 30 Tama-Benton work until 2020

This isn’t an unexpected situation, given that the 2014-19 plan did not have any entries for it, but finishing making US 30 four lanes in Tama and Benton counties won’t start until 2020 at the earliest, reports the Cedar Valley … Continue reading

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Apr 27

Aggregation of Iowa counties’ presidential election trends

The title above is a nonpartisan version of a Washington Post blog entry, “The Democrats’ white-voter problem — in 2 maps”. The two maps in question are county-by-county preferences for the last four presidential elections (two won by G.W. Bush, … Continue reading

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Apr 25

Impending loss of school weighs on Gladbrook

The Waterloo Courier had a piece Sunday interviewing Gladbrook residents and business owners about what they thought was going to happen to the town after the school closes next month. Some acknowledged what Gladbrook is up against, but the paragraph of no-comments says … Continue reading

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Apr 24

IA 152 is officially gone

April 25, 2005: The “east” or “south” end of IA 152, right at Osceola’s north city limits. (Can’t believe this picture is a decade old.) Jason Hancock has been checking the status of signs for IA 152 on a regular … Continue reading

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Apr 23

Civil War program in Traer tonight

Dec. 29, 2012: Text of monument for the 14th Iowa at Shiloh National Battlefield. A recap of my visit can be found here. A program at the Traer Museum at 7:20 tonight will honor Tama County’s “Wolf Creek Rangers” of … Continue reading

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Apr 22

North Iowa sells Thompson building

For $1. The building’s new owners intend to keep it and turn it into apartments, and make the gym available to the public.

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Apr 22

Luther taking steps toward disincorporation

Months after the old school in Luther was lost to history, the same may be about to happen to the town itself. The state City Development Board held a hearing regarding Luther’s status earlier this month (PDF). Luther was in … Continue reading

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