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Jan 29

Oh look, chopped liver

Spot the missing word: Whether you prefer to read on your laptop, tablet or phone, our new design gives you an optimal viewing experience tailored to your digital device of choice. Give up? It’s “desktop”. The SCJ and the Waterloo-Cedar … Continue reading

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Jan 28

License Plate Letters — EAG

September 13, 2011: Iowa’s southernmost state park, Nine Eagles, is on J66 between Davis City and Pleasanton in Decatur County. We’ve broken into the E’s.

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Jan 27

’11 maps that explain the Iowa caucuses’

Maps maps maps! Of course I have to link to this. The report from America magazine, a Catholic-focused publication, has county-by-county breakdowns of recent election results and what I’ll call election-adjacent information. The caucuses are one of the few times, … Continue reading

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Jan 26

North Tama to play football in Des Moines metro area

North Tama’s new football district includes its southwesternmost opponents ever, extending down to a school in the village of Norwoodville. Where is Norwoodville, you ask? Well, it certainly was not a place I have mapped out in the recently updated … Continue reading

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Jan 25

This is supposed to be a flattering piece about Des Moines

Because “it’s not cool unless there’s a graffiti festival” is a New York value. In the late period of caucus season, the coastal media has a habit of rediscovering Iowa in “wow, we found pockets of civilization here” articles and … Continue reading

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Jan 23

ISU’s epic collapses among ‘best games’ of 2015

From SB Nation: 39. OKLAHOMA STATE 30, TEXAS 27 (SEPT. 26) 38. OKLAHOMA STATE 35, IOWA STATE 31 (NOV. 14) 37. BAYLOR 31, KANSAS STATE 24 (NOV. 5) 36. KANSAS STATE 38, IOWA STATE 35 (NOV. 21) The Big 12 race was Oklahoma’s domain. … Continue reading

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Jan 22

Iowa DOT now yelling its press releases

BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT GETS CONVEYED WHEN YOU DO IT IN ALL-CAPS. (Something happened at the start of the year, not sure what, but now everything on the news page has an all-caps headline.)

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Jan 21

Lincoln Central was a zombie district for four years

Estherville-Lincoln Central, like many other small- to medium-sized school districts in Iowa, is consolidating all of its operations on one campus. In this case, there are separate buildings in one large area, and the newest addition will take the last … Continue reading

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Jan 20

The interesting part of Photo 29,000

September 30, 2015: The first leg of my trip to Door County included clinching US 63 in Minnesota (again) post-Rochester bypass reroute. I then went to the east end of MN 60 as it crossed the Mississippi River. This was … Continue reading

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Jan 19

What if we swapped US 6 and 275 in Omaha?

By the end of this year, Broadway through Council Bluffs will no longer be part of the Iowa highway system. US 6 will have to be taken off its straight route through the city and moved onto I-29 and I-80. After … Continue reading

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