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Jul 29

Mediapolis bypass plans concern residents

The final segment of US 61 to be four-laned in Iowa is in Louisa and Des Moines counties, and with the segment north of IA 92 under construction, Mediapolis is the last town on the route to be bypassed. Unlike … Continue reading

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Jul 28

Google mangles Maps, again

In the current tech contest to make any website unusable for anyone with a real computer and worse than 20/15, 500-shades-of-gray vision, Google has taken a whack at Maps — and I mean whack in the East River sense. So … Continue reading

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Jul 27

New Riverside school opens in August

Two of my “beats” intersect with an Iowa DOT press release about turning the intersection of US 6 and US 59 south of Oakland into a four-way stop before the new Riverside school opens. It was supposed to open in the middle … Continue reading

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Jul 25

Old cameras never die, they just come to an F-stop

It is with sadness and some puzzlement that I report a development on the road-trip front: My camera appears to be dead from unspecified and un-diagnose-able internal injuries. The Olympus D-580 Zoom is, with slight exaggeration, the BESTEST point-and-shoot digital … Continue reading

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Jul 21


September 16, 2015: “In this school house on March 20, 1854, was held the first mass meeting in this country that definitively and positively cut loose from old parties, and advocated a new party under the name of Republican.” In … Continue reading

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Jul 20

Halfway to something

December 30, 2005: Restored Apollo-era Mission Control at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Today Bill Clinton’s first presidential inauguration — Jan. 20, 1993 — marks the halfway point between the moon landing and the present day. Starting now, events … Continue reading

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Jul 19

Sounds painful

New AEA 267 assistant chief hopes to impact students AFFECT. THE WORD IS “AFFECT.” Or the phrase is “have an effect on” (which wouldn’t fit for print headline purposes, I get). My theory is that “impact” has wormed its way … Continue reading

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Jul 18

Knoxville cut out of IA 5/92 interchange

October 15, 2010: This sign isn’t at the IA 5/92/Business 92 interchange east of Knoxville anymore. The expansion of genericized interchange signage in Iowa from interstates to other highways is not sitting well with some in Knoxville. This is likely … Continue reading

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Jul 15

Ghost-busting in Farrar

The school building in Farrar has been closed for nearly 15 years, but it’s found new life. Or afterlife. Or life but not life as we know it. It’s haunted, or so the “paranormal enthusiasts” say. Saturday night — coincidentally … Continue reading

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Jul 13

K is for Kellogg

August 10, 2008: The Kellogg school building has been successfully repurposed into apartments. Kellogg became part of the Newton school district in 1957. The school was used for an unknown period after that as an elementary. (Sorry I don’t have … Continue reading

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