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May 31

Google Maps, what have you done?

Over the last couple of years, Google Maps has steadily been encountering feature creep and some decreases in quality. Yesterday, things took another turn for the worse. The point size of all route markers has been decreased. It’s much more … Continue reading

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May 30

Census redefines metro areas

At the end of February, the census put out new lists of metro areas based on the 2010 census. The metropolitan (>50,000) and micropolitan (>10,000) areas are drawn up based on “a high degree of social and economic integration with … Continue reading

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May 29

Huebinger 1912 Auto Trail Guides and old county atlases

I may be a teensy bit excited about discovering this resource. Notice that one is called the Transcontinental Route because the Lincoln Highway wouldn’t be born until the next year and wouldn’t be recognized in Iowa until 1915. Full county … Continue reading

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May 28

Quest for 100

The 2012 city estimates by the Census Bureau show that Des Moines, with a population around 206,000, is the 104th largest city in the nation. It trails Birmingham by about 5,500. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in the top … Continue reading

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May 26

Carving up Clearfield

April 1, 2010: The stone soldier out front couldn’t guard against a century and a half of demographics. (Note: He faces north.) Clearfield is the only school in Iowa I know of that has a Civil War monument on its … Continue reading

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May 24

Iowa highway map press release

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, although two months behind the normal schedule. Kendallville is an unincorporated place on IA 139 five miles from the Minnesota border, BTW.

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May 23

2012 Iowa city population estimates

After you’ve gone through the rigamarole in my earlier post, you will be able to see the actual numbers. Here are some quick hits from the 2012 city population estimates. Most of these are not radical changes from 2010 yet, … Continue reading

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May 23

How to download 2012 census estimates

The census website has too many bells and whistles now to offer a direct link. Simply explaining it is a blog post in itself. I’ll be back with actual content later. You’ll have to go to this page and then … Continue reading

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May 22

IA 330 meeting Tuesday

A year ago, the DOT held a meeting in Baxter and laid out all the possibilities for changing the US 65/IA 330/IA 117 intersection. Many of the alternatives were at-grade intersections. The meeting notice for next Tuesday uses the word … Continue reading

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May 22

Smallest towns on state highways

Millville and Durango, 24 miles apart on US 52 northwest of Dubuque, are the two smallest incorporated places in Iowa that are on a state-maintained road. Millville, pop. 30, is #939 and Durango, pop. 22, is #945 out of 947 … Continue reading

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