That one weird Texas Tech statistic

(Clickbait headline alert!)

A geographic note in the Iowa State-Texas Tech game appears to have been misconstrued. During the game Saturday, a Fox Sports graphic (possibly running off this AP game preview) indicated that Tech has only played four “November games north of Oklahoma” before this one. The four: At Missouri, 2011 (L); at Boston College, 1962 (L); at Creighton, 1942 (L); and at Wake Forest, 1941 (W).

Wake Forest is not north of Oklahoma. It is due east. Wake’s stadium, located about 36°7’44″ N, is barely north of Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, 36°7’29″ N, and Razorback Stadium, 36°4’5″ N. Texas Tech has won in Stillwater in November twice. If the graphic had said “north of Oklahoma State” or “north of Stillwater”, it would have been correct.

So to clarify, Saturday’s win in Ames is indeed the first time Texas Tech has won a game north of the state of Oklahoma in November, out of four games total.

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