North Winneshiek throws in the towel

The North Winneshiek School District plans to be absorbed by Decorah at the end of the 2018-19 school year. Articles: Decorah Public Opinion, Decorah News, KWWL, KCRG. The school district, whose building is located southeast of Burr Oak, will send junior high students to Decorah starting in 2017.

North Winneshiek, which is in the Driftless Area, has one of the highest per-pupil transportation costs in the state, the superintendent told reporters. It is surrounded on 2½ sides by the Decorah district, which somehow got a 2-mile-wide strip wrapping around the Minnesota border.

I think this is the farthest out (by time) a school district has written its own obituary. It’s also unusual in that I’m pretty sure there has to be a vote on this, but with the school board saying alternatives are nonexistent, I doubt there will be much opposition.

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