The world turned upside down, continued

A mini-roundup of the reverberation of Iowa State’s sudden hot streak and the fully armed and operational Big 12 circular firing squad:

Washington Post:

It has reached the point where we might as well go ahead and say there are people who live in Ames, people who visit Ames sometimes, or people who attend football games in Ames, and then there are the rest of us losers.

Dallas Morning News:

Above all else, the Cyclones’ 14-7 win over fourth-ranked TCU reinforces an old truism: Whatever can go wrong with the Big 12, will go wrong.

The Ringer:

Not only are the Cyclones for real, they’re on a despondent mission to wreck the Big 12 from the inside out.

Cosmos magazine:

Universe shouldn’t exist, CERN physicists conclude

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