Meeting reveals I-29/480 interchange final plans

On Aug. 15, the DOT held a meeting in Council Bluffs to go over the proposal for, and final environmental assessment of, a completely redone I-29/I-480 interchange in Council Bluffs. As you can see in the handout (PDF), the “interchange system” spans a long space. Here’s my I-480 page so you can see how signs look now.

  • To reach West Broadway from I-29 (which you can’t do now), traffic will have to exit at 9th Avenue (NB) or Avenue G (SB). Frontage roads with intersections will run the whole way between those streets.┬áThe ramps at Avenue G and 35th Street will be closed.
  • The one true exit from I-480, formerly signed as “Dodge Park”, currently signed as “Riverfront”, and recently given the Exit 0 designation, will be moved slightly eastward to 41st Street. This will also be the exit for Broadway; mainline I-480 will split into exits to NB and SB 29. There will still be a Broadway running under I-29 where it currently is, but to the west it will merge into I-480 instead of the other way around.
  • The left-hand exit from NB 29 to WB 480 will be eliminated and turned into a right-hand exit as part of converting the interchange to a Y or directional-T interchange.

The 50th anniversary of the interchange’s original opening will be October 25, 2018. Construction will not begin for at least a year and a half after that. This is a later part of the overall Council Bluffs Interstate System project, which started in 2014.

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