Original Dunkerton school to be replaced

May 14, 2010: The Dunkerton school was a short distance from anything in town when it was built in 1921, but development has moved southward since. Photo slightly out of focus from old camera.

The oldest part of the Dunkerton school complex will be replaced starting this summer, the Waterloo Courier reports (link from Globe Gazette reprint). Interior furnishings will be sold off before demolition begins. A new addition will be built on the same spot.

There is a newer addition to the 1921 school’s south, but otherwise it should be easy enough to separate the rest of the old building from everything else, judging by aerial photos.

A Courier story shortly before the bond issue vote noted that this building isn’t being used much after a 2008 tornado caused enough damage that any renovations would require bringing the whole building up to code.

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